Friday, August 16, 2013


SO STOKED RIGHT NOW!! My good friend Jeremy Coombs and owner of Liquid Bikes made our first real edit of Koala and all of our shenanigans that we do. Just this monday we had people from Bakersfield, Santa Clarita and Orange County to come to get the nar. It was a major session and tons of footage. Our summer has been the best this year and we have been lucky to have a crew that digs and maintains. Big ups to everyone especially Mitchell, Cody, Alex, Nolen, Jeremy and others who have helped out. Check out Jeremy Coombs company Liquid Bikes at: where you can get the most badass cruisers.

Monday, August 5, 2013

More Summer

Got my good friend Liam to shoot some photos on the fly for fun. All the lips are basically all redone. Waiting to polish up all the landings mainly due to it being summer with limited water. Also, we are in the works of making 3 more doubles to make the main line more than just 5 hits. Summer has been good and tarping has literally saved our trails. People have been less inclined to mess with our hard work because of the tarps and all the lips/landings are keeping moisture everyday. I really don't see people in socal tarping trails really. I wouldn't see why you wouldn't due to our all around season of 70-80 degrees of constant sun we get and especially our quality of dirt in socal the region. Maybe it will catch on?