Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We're BACK!! ~ KOALA ~

        After a long year and 3 months of not picking up a shovel. I decided to give the trails another shot. My good friend Alex has been keeping true. He was accessing water from the local BMX track and hauling buckets down to the trails. He hit me up about a month and half ago. I went to check them out and was surprised how well he kept them going. I got inspired and started with the main left handed hip. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if we had another water source. Luckily, we found a hookup to the avacado orchard!!! We got water once again! Its time to roast this shit. We are almost done with the main line. We re-cemented the berm and in the works of a new line. Today we finally redid the hip in the hillside. On top if it, we had tons of rain last weekend which benefited all of us.

~ Re-cement ~ 

Six 90lb bags of portland cement and about 16-20ft of wire to seal this bad bitch up!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

New Spot

Here are the latest shots of the new spot. We got tons of water from the creek. We purchased a nice gas powered pump to collect it. One draw back to the spot is the dirt. Its located in another baranca but closer to the river bed bottom. So we have a little more sand than normal but we already found out it packs and hardens well. The quality dirt is where starting point is on the hill with a lot more clay content. So I have feeling we will mix the two to make so nice surfaces. These are the start of the line and its the most open to the sun; but once we get the first double in and the next berm, its like motha fuckin jungle. We seriously need a machete. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

R.I.P Koala, Time to Move On

Well, its been a while since I posted anything. One of the main reasons being that ran into one our worst nightmares possible. NO WATER. The birth of our trails was basically started due to our endless water supply that we had from a storage yard up on the hillside. For 5 years we were able to maintain good terms with the owners of the yard to supply us with water. That is until about 4 weeks ago that the owners caped off our only spicket. There is a reason I believe they did this. For one, the baranca where our trails are located is a hangout for every Ventura local. You got bums, tweekers, gangsters, little bratty scooter kids (who think they use dirt scooters), skaters, riders, get the point. Due to this high foot traffic, many people would go into the storage yard and break into motorhomes/cars as well as steal other valuables. Note this has been going on for years since I was younger and nothing new. In recent years, the owners of the yard started to clean it up by getting peoples property out, especially all the vehicles. This seemed normal and I thought nothing of it. Well, during spring, someone decided to go up to our main spicket to fill up a bong (mind you this was some skater kid that had no business messing our water situation) and proceeded to accidently rupture the line creating a mess in the storage yard. I was told by a friend that the line was exposed because they were going to bury the spicket which made it more vulnerable to breaking. Well, they buried it and we proceeded to use that last spicket left in the yard about 600ft back. This worked until July. The owners took all the property out of the yard and redid fencing to stop intruders. These were my full observations and not the full story why they closed off the yard but I sense this was 100% part of it. After so many years of neglect to this storage yard, I think they had enough dealing with so much liability.  Now some people would say that, "this is not the end of your trails cause you can store water". Well, if you know the baranca as well as I do, you know this is not going to happen. Buying a huge tank/tote would be damaged by all the punk ass people that come though and neglect the place. In addition, I am not trying to spend anymore money after so many years buying tools/hoses being stolen. I think this would be the 13th trail spot I have had taken away so this is nothing new. I spent these 5 years well at koala building something badass. Koala will still be there in the baranca but it will slowly deteriorate without consistent water. But I think its time for a fresh start. Koala is known for just having big hits and I wanted to branch outside of this concept. Thats why my friend Jeremy and I found a new spot that is in woods. So we are back in business. New pics should be coming up. This new spot is 4 times as long as Koala and if you don't know me or Jeremy, you ain't getting in. x-NO DIG NO RIDE -x

These latest photos are the evidence that people are leaving trash, not sweeping/patching/watering and tearing up tarps since that last time I was there a few weeks ago. This is going to only worse as time goes on. Koala has had its phases of being bad time to time, but we always had water to fix everything. Things happen but sometimes you got to except it cause you never know. 

Friday, August 16, 2013


SO STOKED RIGHT NOW!! My good friend Jeremy Coombs and owner of Liquid Bikes made our first real edit of Koala and all of our shenanigans that we do. Just this monday we had people from Bakersfield, Santa Clarita and Orange County to come to get the nar. It was a major session and tons of footage. Our summer has been the best this year and we have been lucky to have a crew that digs and maintains. Big ups to everyone especially Mitchell, Cody, Alex, Nolen, Jeremy and others who have helped out. Check out Jeremy Coombs company Liquid Bikes at: where you can get the most badass cruisers.

Monday, August 5, 2013

More Summer

Got my good friend Liam to shoot some photos on the fly for fun. All the lips are basically all redone. Waiting to polish up all the landings mainly due to it being summer with limited water. Also, we are in the works of making 3 more doubles to make the main line more than just 5 hits. Summer has been good and tarping has literally saved our trails. People have been less inclined to mess with our hard work because of the tarps and all the lips/landings are keeping moisture everyday. I really don't see people in socal tarping trails really. I wouldn't see why you wouldn't due to our all around season of 70-80 degrees of constant sun we get and especially our quality of dirt in socal the region. Maybe it will catch on? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer vibes

Trails are going good and we are gradually resurfacing the entire line. Last week we had a phat sesh. Our good friend Cody Mckenna just got hooked up by Standard and should be rocking a new frame and parts soon. It got a little out of had with tricks last week too. Cody managed to downside whip the huge Tiki hip and I have never seen a more legit one by anyone. Double whips, turndowns, tucks, 3's, all kinds of madness. Good shit. Here are old pics from the facebooks during the summer, will get some more photos tomorrow.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Finally done with school and back in Socal. Rode the trails yesterday and they are good. The cement berm is roasting hard and fast as hell. 3rd run in, I somehow managed to blast it so high I was in the branches, UNREAL. More or less did some clean up, tarping, sweeping excessive dust. The next step is resurfacing every lip and landing. Got the first long & low lip dialed in.