Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We're BACK!! ~ KOALA ~

        After a long year and 3 months of not picking up a shovel. I decided to give the trails another shot. My good friend Alex has been keeping true. He was accessing water from the local BMX track and hauling buckets down to the trails. He hit me up about a month and half ago. I went to check them out and was surprised how well he kept them going. I got inspired and started with the main left handed hip. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if we had another water source. Luckily, we found a hookup to the avacado orchard!!! We got water once again! Its time to roast this shit. We are almost done with the main line. We re-cemented the berm and in the works of a new line. Today we finally redid the hip in the hillside. On top if it, we had tons of rain last weekend which benefited all of us.

~ Re-cement ~ 

Six 90lb bags of portland cement and about 16-20ft of wire to seal this bad bitch up!!

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