Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Trails are Still Alive

So the last time we headed out to the spot, there were boot prints on the ground and fingerprints in the second lip...outsiders. We continued on digging, and a couple hours later a man appears from the woods, who works for (can't say) who owns this land. At first he was pissed, but we were respectful so he ended up being really cool. He told us that the helicopters that were flying over spotted the tarps, and thought it was weed, so they sent in a SWAT team to bust it, only to find some sweet ass jumps. He took our info and told us he'd get back to us. We were really bummed, but still had some hope. Today, we got a call with the OK to continue!!! We cant expand too much more, but we have a spot and the OK to build! 12 Gauge Trails are still alive, let the digging proceed!

2nd landing progress

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