Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ventura Ca *805*

So all I got to say is that I miss the local indoor park we used to have in Ventura Ca. I found a video of the La Revolution contest at Skatestreet back in the day. I can look back and say that I wish I could ride that place today. I remember just starting out riding and that place was soo freakin scary. 16ft vert wall, all 6ft quarters. The bmx scene was really big until the owner had a fatal motorcycle which was horrible. It ultimately lead to the park being closed down. Ventura had a really sick set of dirt jumps tucked away in a baranca. They were called "Koala" because of all the eucalyptus trees.  The baranca was the local spot to go to. Many memories of trying to dig and all the riders that always showed up.

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