Friday, May 11, 2012


About mother fucking TIME!!!!! Nasty is the bomb, this it what the BMX scene needs right now. I love park and trails but street is just to overrated. People ask why don't you like street? I reply,"Because its easy." Easy as in anyone can literally go outside, 180 off a curb and do it for 5hours straight. I am not saying tricks are easy because hang over-toothing a 11 stair rail is nuts. Street can be very technical but I feel like its a virus due to people trying to follow others and its the in thing to do. Sure there are people who literally don't have a area geographically (like living in a Inner City for example) and thats understandable. But when I hear,"Ohh, theres nothing to ride, or I don't like dirt." it pisses me off. Sure I my be a little too over the top on this, and I know everyone has their own preference on what they want to ride. But the fact that there is this lazy ass passive attitude towards riding and picking up a shovel, is out of line with me. Trails take years and dedication towards them no matter what. If anyone gets motivated to dig, my hat goes off to you. Whether they are little rollers, small hips, gigantic booters or medium size lips, its something. Hopefully this project that Nasty is doing will expose the people who are out there digging behind that camera instead of doing a barspin for the thousandth time off a ledge.

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