Monday, November 26, 2012

30ft Koala Line

Did a huge amount of work this on this thanksgiving week vacation that I had from school. Been thinking about this 30ft line for about a year or so. Basically I went all out and decided to do it. The landing isn't started yet but it will be resurrected shortly. This first gap is more or less a huge floater long low type of deal to set you up for a huge scary booter. We are also planning on putting some other features like a trick step up and another long low to a big nasty hip. Koala has never been this big and everything is getting bigger. The hardest thing to build was the huge ass roll-in due to the dirt being the consistency of baking flower, it sucked but I got it done. My friend Mitchell and this other new kid I met, Jordan, helped too which made the building a little more easier. I tested the roll-in many times and my brakes gave out. I think we are going at least 25-30mph off the roll-in if this thing gets fully packed down. It will be fun.

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