Thursday, March 21, 2013


SPRING IS HERE!!!!! Finally!! Its been 2 months since I last dug anything after getting hurt let alone even riding. I decided to man up and give it a shot and ride. The trails are dialed right now, so effortless and floaty as hell with tons of bluegroove. Cody, Mitch, Jeremy and some of the other groms have been keeping Koala straight. No bullshit with people destroying lips, no trash, and no randoms coming down and just hanging out. Good vibes and BMX. We are making everything gradually bigger, and are in works of making Koala a huge 8-10 pack. In summer when I move back, we are going to finish the 40ft line. Lastly we are going to put some Quickcrete for the main right hand berm. Its constantly bumpy,sandy, and always falling apart.

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